Tim Donovan AAS/NREMT-P

Tim began his career as a call fire fighter in Southeastern Massachusetts. He obtained his EMT and worked as a young provider and dispatcher in a diverse private ambulance service. With the desire for advancement in EMS he became an EMT Intermediate. Over the next ten years he continued working in both EMS and as an electric distribution lineman before receiving his Paramedic. He then began to teach and work in the emergency department of a busy suburban hospital.

He strives to maintain a grounded approach to daily street medicine and educating other health care professionals. He currently works for a fire department as a fire / medic and is involved with multiple rescue disciplines and is a regular lab and classroom instructor for NMETC.

Tim holds and associates degree in Fire Science and multiple teaching certificates. He looks forward to the start of each new class as an opportunity to participate in the development of EMS providers at all levels and in all locals.

Student Testimonials

  • It was an honor to be a part of your program. I would not be a licensed paramedic if it were not for NMETC.

  • I highly recommend NMETC's paramedic program to anyone looking to advance their knowledge of medicine and further their careers in the Emergency Medical Services.

  • The instructor/coordinator, is one of the finest teachers I have ever had. He uses intellectual modeling, experience of self and others, and visual aids of all sorts to make the intangible‚Ķtangible.

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