Nathan Duclos

Nathan is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and have been in EMS for over 8 years. He is a licensed EMS instructor as well as a Certified Wilderness Paramedic.

Nate continues to serve as faculty member on SOLO Schools’ Wilderness and Remote medicine teaching staff, traveling nationally and internationally to teach and work. He has guided and climbed around the globe including Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, McKinley and Whitney and have lead clients through Western Mongolia.

He holds faculty positions at both the University of New Hampshire and Salem State University where he teaches wilderness emergency medicine, search and rescue, guiding and adventure based backpacking. Nathan is also an American Herat Association Training Center Faculty member. He holds a BA in Environmental Ethics and a Masters Degree in Environmental Education.

He has expertise in both urban and wilderness emergency medicine, disaster relief and search and rescue and has travelled to Haiti, where he co-founded a clinic in the mountains of Belle Fontaine to provide emergency medical services to victims of the 2010 earthquakes and to Panama where he worked with Floating Doctors to provide healthcare in rural village clinics.

Student Testimonials

  • The program proved to be an answer to my prayers. From day one, it was an environment of learning, an environment of complimenting us on our strengths, and providing the means for us to improve upon our weaknesses.

  • Without your program, there is no way I could have achieved this milestone while still working full time.

  • I wanted to thank you again for the amazing, online, distance paramedic program that you have put together. I would have never been able to move forward from my intermediate with a full time job and family.

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