If you're looking for the best place to become a paramedic or for paramedic courses, New England is your next destination where NMETC might be the right school for you. We are located in West Bridgewater, Mass., in Plymouth County. Our programs utilize a classroom and lab area that allows students to work hands-on through each training course.

NMETC offers both EMT and paramedic training for those who are interested in entering or advancing their career in the emergency medical services field.

Our paramedic program is designed to utilize industry-related technology, provide a challenging curriculum, provide experienced instructors and offer skills training opportunities. You will be able to take part in both clinical and field internships where you can learn the necessary skills you'll need to be successful in the field.

Our EMT training program is taught at our campus by industry professionals. Students of our EMT training programs may be eligible to pursue a career in public safety and may be utilized in the police, fire or EMS fields. Course curriculum will cover anatomy, physiology, patient assessment survey and triage, bleeding control, treatment of shock, oxygen therapy, and more.

If you're searching for paramedic or EMT training, Massachusetts is where your search ends  Contact NMETC today, and learn how to become an EMT and begin your career in emergency medical services in less time than you think!

Student Testimonials

  • NMETC's class is not decent, it’s exceptional! Without the flexibility of the online program, there was no way I could have reached my dream of becoming a paramedic.

  • The program proved to be an answer to my prayers. From day one, it was an environment of learning, an environment of complimenting us on our strengths, and providing the means for us to improve upon our weaknesses.

  • It was an honor to be a part of your program. I would not be a licensed paramedic if it were not for NMETC.

Paramedic Program Accredited By

Commission on Accreditation
of Allied Health Education Programs
Committee on Accreditation
of Educational Programs for the
Emergency Medical Services Professions