Bradford Newbury MPA, NRP, I/C

Brad has dedicated over 30 years to Fire and Emergency Medical Services. His experiences include both volunteer and career fire departments as well as private, hospital based and municipal EMS services.  He currently serves as a career Captain/Paramedic assigned as a shift commander in a suburban department just south of Boston.

Teaching is a passion for Brad, he has mounted a vast array of educational teaching experiences in both Fire and EMS areas.  He has presented at both fire and medical conference covering a number of related topics.  Most recently Brad worked with the NAEMT and Jones & Bartlett publisher as a co-author for the “All Hazard Disaster Response” course released in 2017.

Brad had a vision to deliver EMS education in a different way.  More than ten years ago he became an innovator in hybrid EMS education for initial paramedic programs.  Brad’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him build a CAAHEP accredited program and enroll students from around the globe at National Medical Education & Training Center (NMETC).  Brad serves as the President/CEO of NMETC

In 2014 Brad was appointed to the faculty at The Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Fellowship in Disaster Medicine, an affiliated fellowship of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and currently serves as the Associate Director EMS Education where he teaches prehospital medicine and disaster response. .

Brad holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science and a Master Degree in Public Administration. 

Student Testimonials

  • I highly recommend NMETC's paramedic program to anyone looking to advance their knowledge of medicine and further their careers in the Emergency Medical Services.

  • I wanted to thank you again for the amazing, online, distance paramedic program that you have put together. I would have never been able to move forward from my intermediate with a full time job and family.

  • The instructor/coordinator, is one of the finest teachers I have ever had. He uses intellectual modeling, experience of self and others, and visual aids of all sorts to make the intangible…tangible.

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